Sew 'N Tell
October 2006
Issue No 181.
Web Address: http://www.aaqg.net
Mailing: Ankeny Area Quilters' Guild, P.O. Box 961, Ankeny, IA 50021
"Sharing a common thread!"

The October board meeting will be October 3,  2007, 6:30 p.m. at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Ankeny.

Join us for our next guild meeting, October  10,  2006, 7:00 pm, at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Ankeny.

If you enjoy appliqué, you won’t want to miss Thuy Nguyen. She comes to us from Oelwein, Iowa. Her work is superb! She’ll present a trunk show of her heirloom quality quilts, sharing her appliqué talents.

To learn more about Thuy, view her web site. http://thuy.tripod.com

October treats will be provided by the Evening Stars.

No Frills Fall Retreat, October 13th-15th

Join us for the No Frills Fall Retreat at Willowbrook Bible Camp, Friday, October 13th through Sunday, October 15th. There are still openings for the fall retreat. Contact Jenna Engel, 201-8105 or 965-1587, if you are interested.

The weekend costs $60.00 and includes 2 nights and 4 meals. (supper Friday, breakfast and supper on Saturday, and Sunday breakfast)

The camp is in the southeast of Des Moines. Be there or live with your "piles and files."

A note from the President:

Have you ever noticed that as the season starts to change from summer to fall your desire to quilt gets even stronger? Mine does. I love the vibrant fall colors, the delicious smells of the new fall season, especially pumpkin and spiced apple, and the crispness that autumn always brings. I feel the chill in the air and it makes me want to curl up under a warm quilt with a cup of hot chocolate and thumb through my latest quilting magazine or book looking for that perfect next project. Trouble is, I have to get the last 20 “perfect next projects” finished. If you missed last month’s meeting, Debi Garner inspired us to get organized and get things done and I’m taking her to heart. I have made a list and I am crossing things off. I’m still going to do a resolution list; this is just my pre-resolution list, list. That’s right. I am now an official list maker. I am making lists, crossing things off lists, losing lists, getting some lists done, and making more lists. It really is helping (at least, as long as I don’t lose the latest list). As we go forth into this new “quilting year”, if any of you have any ideas, comments, or concerns that you would like to share, please, please, please, let me or any board member know. I’ll put them all on a list. Hope to see you all in October!

Continually quilting,

Kim Manthe

It's time to renew your membership!

Guild memberships renewals are due by October 15th if you want to be listed in the annual membership directory. The membership form is included in this newsletter and is also available on our website.

Secretary's Report

Board Meeting, 9/7/06

Attended by Jenna, Sammy P., Diana W., Susan B., Linda S., Marlene D., Kay H., Sharon H., Kris B., Gloria P., Kim M., and Denette S. Jenna called the meeting to order and the minutes were read and approved. Sept. 30 will be Pink and White Quilt Day, but we have a conflict w/Parkview and hopefully by the meeting this will be resolved. We shared ideas for blocks for those quilts. T-shirts will be on sale at the meeting for $6. The No-Frills Fall Retreat will be held at Willowbrooke, Oct. 13-15, Fri.-Sat. Sign up available at meeting. The change in by-laws will be presented to members at Sept. meeting and voted on in Nov. Dues need to be paid by Oct. meeting so the directories will reflect current membership and then out to members by Nov. or Dec. Denette announced the theme for 2007 Quilt Show will be "Hawaiian Dreams". Quilt show committee sign-up will be available at Sept. meeting. The budget was planned and will be presented to the members at Sept. meeting.

Submitted by Charlotte Stordahl, secretary.

AAQG Guild Meeting, 9/12/06

Kim called the meeting to order and introduced our new members and guests. A thank you gift was presented to Jenna for doing a great job as President last year. Kim presented the proposed changes for the by-laws. She reminded the members to pay dues bu the Oct. meeting to be included in the directory. After Oct. 15 those who have not paid will no longer be considered members. Donation kit cutting day is set for Oct. 7th and sign-up is available tonight. Donation Quilt Sewing Day is set for Fri., Nov. 10 at Quilters Cupboard. New donation quilt patterns will be on display at Oct. meeting. If anyone is in need of fabric for a donation quilt please contact Kay Huntimer, Linda Schlenker, or Denette Stoll. A thankm you letter was read from Children and Families of Iowa for the quilts and suitcase received from AAQG. Everything was greatly appreciated. Sign-up for the NO-FRILLS FALL Retreat is available tonite, Oct. 13-15 at Willowbrook. Sammy gave a summary of budget plans. Carolyn Magnani was given her First Place Award for her quilt that won in the category of Start-to-Finish. Sign-up for treats available tonight. Denette Stoll showed fabric to be used in the Quilt for "Hawaiian dreams" quilt show -- July 13-14, 2007. Any small group or individuals interested in making the Raffle Quilt should contact Denette. Keep in mind it's never too early to get Country Store items done. Quilt Show Committee sign-up is available tonight. Pink and White Quilt Sew will be held at Neveln in the dining room, Sept.30, 9-5.

Spring Retreat will be Mar. 29-April 1 at the Newton Conference Center. Our meeting was followed by an inspiring program by Life Coach Debi Garner, "Sew Little Quilts...Sew Little Time." Show and Tell and yummy treats ended our evening.

Submitted by Charlotte Stordahl, secretary.

Jenna Engle

Thank you Jenna!

At the September meeting Jenna Engel received a thank you gift from the entire guild in appreciation for her very hard work as guild president.

October Birthdays!

Best Wishes to:

Patricia Taylor— October 5

Barbara Long— October 9

Sherie Johnson— October 14

Jan Heddinger— October 14

Denette Stoll— October17

Donita Link— October 17

John Pierschbacher— October 19

Kay Huntimer— October 28

Lisa Starr— October 28

Donation Quilts

What is a 5 letter word for comforter? This was in a recent crossword puzzle. The answer???? QUILT. What is a 7 letter word for comforter? QUILTER. The motivational speaker asked us, "Why do you quilt?" Some said the fabric or like to go shopping, etc. I quilt because I enjoy creating. I like to think about the person that I am making the item for while I am sewing. I challenge you to pick up a donation packet and create comfort for someone.

Kay Huntimer, vice president

My Brother’s Keeper

Submitted by Linda Schlenker

Ever wonder if there was something useful you could do with the snippets of thread and fabric that seem to be a part of every quilting project? Have you been gifted with dearly departed Great Aunt Millie's fabric stash consisting entirely of 1970's polyester? Do you have old bedding, drapes, or clothes too worn for Goodwill and your rag drawer is overflowing?

All these items can be put to good use by "My Brother's Keeper" – a grass roots volunteer organization that makes sleeping bags for the homeless and quilts for shelters, halfway houses, and missions both here and abroad. These are often called "ugly quilts" because little attention is given to the design – the goal is to provide warmth – with a minimum of cost and effort. Pieces are cut as large as possible – polyester, wool, denim as well as cotton is used. Worn clean blankets can be used as batting. Old sheets or other large pieces are the backing. Quilts are "knotted" (ie tied) with the edges serged to finish the quilt. Little pieces are used to stuff pillows –that go along with the sleeping bags. Fabric unsuitable for quilts or pillow covers can be shredded for pillow stuffing.

My involvement is only that my Aunt Ruth ties quilts for "My Brother’s Keeper" every Monday afternoon at Legion Hall in Mitchellville. There will be a basket at guild meetings this year, if you would want to contribute toward this effect. Donation fabric for guild quilts can be placed there too, as we'll sort before sending onto my aunt.

If you would like more information about the Mitchellville group, please contact Leona Brandhof at 515-967-3076. Marilyn Nielsen would also be a good resource. For more information about the history and sample instructions for a sleeping bag, see this web link:


September Door Prize Winners!

Joyce Romick, Chris Engelbrecht, Charlotte Stordahl

September Fat Quarter Lottery Winner!

Deb Pierschbacher

September Birthday Winner!

Carolyn Link

Try To Remember

Submitted by Marlene DaRos

Autumn is a relaxing time for me. The weather becomes more pleasant, air more crisp, the skies appear bluer.

I was cleaning my sewing room the other day and came across several items from long ago. I know what 'vintage' is but some of these items have been around for so long, I wonder why I keep hanging on to them and just never seem to throw anything away! Good fabric, trims, threads, all such old treasures. Among the rest of my quilting books & magazines, I found my first AAQG newsletter. I enjoyed re-reading the 'Times'.

A lot has changed since I joined over a year ago. I've had the chance to meet a few of you, your names as written. I asked myself, "How did I become involved in a quilt guild?" I remember thinking, I wanted to connect with others, desired to forge friendships and a chance to share interests with others. I loved sewing, so becoming involved in quilting helped fulfill a 'change-of-life' creativity phase I was going through. I hoped the guild would fill the social void I had. Monthly meetings give me a chance to see many of you, but it takes a lot of practice to put names with faces : )

Try to remember why you joined the guild. There are perhaps as many reasons as members. Some of you joined with another friend, who joined with another friend, who invited another friend, daughter, or another. Small networks were established. Others have joined with their gifts of leadership. Management and control is their niche. As you remember why you joined the guild, think how this group has become a bigger network of 'sisters'. Sharing a common thread. Remember, many of you have joined for many reasons and needs but all share in the same joy.

Happy quilting!

The Kick Off!

Submitted by Marlene DaRos

We're off to an exciting quilt guild year, thanks to an evening of terrific motivation and coaching. Our September program featured, Debi Garner, Garner Management Consulting Ankeny, Iowa.

An all-around, high-energy-spirited gal, Debi taught us so many things about ourselves and how to rejuvenate, improve better use of our time. She packed a lot of good things into a short amount of time. Upbeat, terrifically humorous! She encouraged us to laugh and look at ourselves differently and discover ways our lives may be improved–to become MOTIVATED! She left us with great ideas on how to complete our quilting projects, work through our resolution commitments, and seek ways to tackle those nagging UFO's.

She instructed us also to take risks in life. A risk was taken with providing this type of program. Among many positive comments, was heard, "Wonderful program!", "Was very funny", "I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed Debi. She was very motivating and enjoyable. I was amazed how she related it to quilting, yet it was about our lifestyle and choices. I even dug out my copy of "How to Win Friends and Influence People"..."Great job!", "Really enjoyed", "I didn't have any trouble keeping my eyes open".

Debi has donated several books and magazines to our guild for prizes at future meetings. Thank You, Debi!

Debi Garner

Donation kits (some with new patterns) will be available at our October meeting.

Don’t forget to pick a kit up! Donation quilts will once again be donated to Children & Families of Iowa following Quiltfest 2007. Let's see if we can donate over 100 this year! Contact Linda Schlenker, Kay Huntimer, or Denette Stoll if you need more donation fabric.

Palm trees

Hawaiian Dreams

Mark your calendars for July 13& 14, 2007, the date of AAQG's next quilt show. The show will be held at Faith Baptist Bible College in Ankeny and the theme is Hawaiian Dreams. We have openings for volunteers, please sign-up to help at the October meeting. It's a fun way to get to know other guild members!

It is never too early to donate to the Country Store.

The more items we have the better! It's that time of year when we are all working on Christmas gifts. Please consider making an extra item as a gift for your guild and donate it to the country store. Items like table runners, purses, wall-hangings, tree-skirts, baby blankets and many more creative gifts are sold in a silent auction at the quilt show. The proceeds from the Country Store and Quilt Show are what keep the guild going and allow us to have speakers, workshops and more!

We will also be taking new or good used suitcases to be donated along with the quilts. Bring them to any guild meeting and we’ll store them until after the quilt show for you.

Treasurer's Report

Checkbook Balance 8/31/06-------$1,802.09

Plus September Income------------1,140.00


Less September Expenses------------569.01

Checkbook Balance 9/20/06--------$2,373.08

Savings Account Balance---------$15,026.11

2006 Treasurer's Report

Membership Form

Below are the proposed changes to our guilds By-laws and Standing Rules. Please read these changes and be sure to ask any questions you might have at the next guild meeting. We will vote on these changes during our November meeting.

Proposed By-law changes

Article V


Section 2

The annual membership dues shall be payable commencing September 1st of each year in the amount to be determined by the Board of Directors. Any member who has failed to pay dues (must be received and not postmarked) by the October meeting will be dropped from the membership list and will not appear in the yearly directory.

Article VI


Section 4

After approval of a majority of the Board, the proposed amendment(s) shall be published in the newsletter prior to the vote. The By-laws may be amended at any meeting by sixty percent of the members present.

By-laws as amended October 2006, and supersedes any previously adopted by-laws.

Proposed Information and Standing Rules Changes

Membership Dues

2006 – 2007 dues are $20.00 (September 2006 through August 2007). Effective September 2007 dues will increase to $25.00 per year (September through August).


The Guild sponsors an annual Quilt Show. Guild members are encouraged to enter their quilt projects. A Quilt Show Chairperson along with the Board of Directors outlines the details and brings information to the membership throughout the year. If you have any questions, contact a Quilt Show committee member. A successful quilt show requires, many volunteers to organize and serve on the various committees, hang quilts, sell and take tickets, and work as white glove attendants. In conjunction with the quilt show, we hold our major fundraisers of the year; the Raffle Quilt and Country Store.

Donation Quilt Cutting Day is Saturday, October  7, 2006 10am-5pm at Quilters Cupboard. Sign-up to cut kits for donation quilts.

We still have openings to sew some donation kits together on Friday, November 10th, from 10 am to 4:30 pm at Quilter's Cupboard in Ankeny. Contact Kim Manthe if you would like to join in the fun! The sign-up sheet will also be available at the October meeting.

Want to be in a small quilting group? or Do you have an opening in your small group? A sign-up sheet will be available again at the October meeting. Let's get connected!

Des Moines Area Quilters Guild Quilt Show

Friday and Saturday, October 13, 14, 2006, 9AM-5PM

Sunday, October 15, 2006, 11AM-4PM

Adventureland Park, Palace Theater, Altoona, Iowa

FREE SHUTTLE RIDES between the Midwest Feedsack Group Show and the DMAQG Quilt Show venues.

Over 600 Quilts, FREE lectures, Quilt Turnings, Treasured Quilts, Little Quilts Silent Auction, Raffle Quilt, Kids Corner, Vendors

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Congratulations Gloria!

She's the winner of the 2006 Mary Conkel Award!

My earliest memories of quilting were actually playing under the quilting frame when my grandmother, aunts and her quilting friend were gathered around it quilting. I have always had an interest in sewing and crafts. I made a denim quilt with the help of my Mom when I was 14. I sewed all of the blocks and we used an old blanket for the batting, and an old sheet for the backing and tied it with red yarn. It is very heavy.

I did all of the usual home economics sewing projects making bags and shirts and I made both of my proms dress. Only because in a small town the selections are limited. So Mom said lets make one, so that means more sewing.

I tell this little story about my graduation gift from high school that my parents gave me. Because looking back it was one of the best gifts that I received from them. (Yes, Mother does know best!!!) I wanted a stereo (this was back in 1978) it was the rage and I was going to take it off to college with me, but my parents had other thoughts and felt that a sewing machine would be a more practical gift. I was bummed at the time but that sewing machine took me through many sewing projects that I made for myself or for my kids, especially the Halloween costumes every year, those are great memories.

Then one day my machine started skipping a stitch so I loaded it up, and took it to the repair shop, thinking oh after 20 years it just needs a good cleaning. To my horror the lady said well this machine cannot be fixed the cams cracked. I thought what was I going to do without my machine after all of these years? So out to purchase a new machine I went. And have since purchased several other sewing machines. Thinking back about receiving that machine was the best gift for me at the time I just didn't know it, and that they really were looking out for me and my future.

I had made a few quilts along the way on my own, but I had a friend call me one day and say " I signed us up for a quilt class at Country Clutter" so we went and got all of our supplies and went to the class and had a great time. I finished mine and hand quilted it and she got mad and threw hers away. We still joke about that. Mom came to the summer fest in 1999, with me and we went to the quilt show and I really enjoyed it but did not know anybody in the quilt guild. Deb Israel was at the information table that Mom and I were visiting and she invited me to the next meeting and gave me the information packet. Yet when it got closer I was still not sure that I wanted to go by myself. Mom said "just try one meeting if you don't like it you don't have to go back". I went to that first meeting in September and was very glad that I did. I came back the next month and joined.

Gloria Ross

Gloria Ross with the 2006 Mary Conkel Award

Since then I have meet so many wonderful friends and served a couple of times on the board. I enjoy helping and volunteering were I can.

I have a Longarm Quilting machine that I purchased in 2004. My daughter Bridget also caught the quilting bug so between the two of us we had several tops that needed quilting so if I was going to quilt for myself I thought why not quilt for others. My business is called Starspangled Quilting, and several of those tops of mine are still not done because I enjoy quilting for others!

I have a degree in Commercial Art and Photography and have worked for Tension Envelope for almost 25 years, I work in prepress. My husband David, enjoys restoring cars, so he understands my quilting passion and helps with dinner and other chores. I have two children, Brian 25 and Bridget 23. She and her husband Nick are expecting their first child at the end of the year. I am so excited. Just maybe there will be another quilter in the family. I do have time to enjoy the things that I like to do now. Besides quilting, I enjoy photography, scrapbooking, calligraphy, painting, reading, gardening, and spending time with my family and friends.

Being awarded the 2006 Mary Conkel award was a big surprise to me. When you least expect something it makes it that much more special, and how a small token of appreciation can make a person feel. Thank you to all of my guild quilting friends for giving me this honor.

I enjoy making quilts for babies, graduations, weddings, birthday's and just because quilts for my family and friends, and donation quilts to remind me of how far and grateful I am for my life.

Gloria Ross