Sew 'N Tell
August 2006
Issue No 179.
Web Address: http://www.aaqg.net
Mailing: Ankeny Area Quilters' Guild, P.O. Box 961, Ankeny, IA 50021
"Sharing a common thread!"

There will be an AAQG Board meeting on Tuesday, August 1, 6:30 p.m. at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church.

The next guild meeting will be August 8th, at 7:00 p.m.

Meetings are held at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Ankeny.

The fat-quarter lottery for August is: Fall colors.

The program is the "Quilt Show Wrap-Up". Quilt Show prizes will be awarded at this meeting. Also, the Mary Conkel Award winner will be announced.

Presidents greeting:

Hello and happy, hot summer! I hope everyone is staying as cool as possible. I had a week off to stay cool in my sewing room. Actually, I swapped my sewing room with the guest room, so I was working but indoors at least. I hadn't realized how long it had been since I had actually used the room for sewing. I was clearing off the cutting table and found things from retreat of 2005! I am happy to tell you that my new sewing room is 100% functional and organized. It is so pretty, I turn the light on just to look at it! I am motivated to quilt now that the room is in order. August meeting will be packed with events: announcement of the 2006 Mary Conkel Award winner, election of the 2006-2007 board of directors and the big quilt show wrap-up! It will also be my last meeting as President. I truly have enjoyed these past two years. I have met a good amount of members, or have gotten to know some of you better. As you know, I still will be serving on the board. I have a lot of ideas for future retreats and programs. Please know that I am always open to suggestions and comments.

Thank you for all the great friendship! Jenna

The following positions/members will appear on the ballot for the election of the 2006-2007 board of directors:

Vice President- Kay Huntimer

Secretary- open

Director at large elect-Diana Weirich

Program chair elect- Jenna Ingle

Retreat chair elect- Sharon Hawthorne

Quilt Show chair elect- open

We will vote to accept these positions at the August meeting and will take nominations from the floor.

The positions that will carry over into next year are as follows:

President- Kim Manthe

Treasurer- Sammy Palmer

Director at Large- Linda Schlenker

Program chair- Marlene DaRos

Quilt Show Chair- Denette Stoll

Retreat Chair- Jenna Ingle

Now, that looks like a fun group of women! Please consider joining them and serve your guild this coming year!

Secretary's Report

Board Meeting, 6/06/06

Attended by Kim, Marlene, Jenna, Linda, Celeste, Susan, Sammy and Charlotte. 55 t-shirts have been sold so far. These will also be available at the June meeting, Quilt Show and August meeting. We will again take subscriptions for Fons & Porter's magazine at the June meeting. So far AAQG has earned 45.00 from subscriptions. After discussing board positions to fill, we will call/approach those members who have shown an interest in being part of 2006-2007 Board. New members who over paid on dues will be reimbursed. Resolutions are due now. Marlene has had a response from Ricky Timms and she will see about setting up the program.

AAQG Guild Meeting, 6/20/06

Jenna called the meeting to order and welcomed back John Piersbacher. She asked that we keep in our thoughts Jennifer Piel as her son Mason starts his treatments. Our sympathy to Kris B. on the death of her mother. T-shirts available tonight. Turn in tickets to Joyce Romick. We need Country Store items and will take right up to Quilt Show time. Sign up to volunteer at the Show tonight. The program was "Happy Colors for Sad Times" by Katherine Litwinow, History of 30's Fabrics. Refreshments, Show &Tell followed.

Minutes submitted by Charlotte Stordahl, secretary.

There was no board meeting or guild meeting in July.

Treasurer's Report

6/30/06 Checkbook Balance----235.78

July Transfer from Savings---500.00

July Income------------------11,722.30


July Expenses-----4,396.84

July 20, 2006 Checkbook Balance---8,061.24

Saving Account Balance----14,964.54

A July 31, 2006 Complete Income Statement will be available at the August Guild meeting. It should reflect all the income and expenses from the Quilt Show.

September kick-off

Fall, autumn, cool weather means a kick-off of some sort. Football season, it's back-to-school, and a new guild year begins. September begins a schedule of unique programs I've lined up for us. Professional coach &motivator Debi Garner of Ankeny, Iowa will present for us, "Sew Many Quilts, Sew Little Time!" Come and learn for yourself her techniques.

Bring a friend, recruit a beginner.

Happy quilting!

Marlene DaRos

Programs Chair-elect (All programs are subject to change)

August Birthdays!

Best Wishes to:

RuthAnn Creger— August 3

Sally Hartman— August 8

Cecilie Vogt— August 10

Jennifer Peil— August 12

Cathy Dimit — August 14

Sandra Rompot— August 18

Linda McGhee—August 19

Cyndee Davis—August 20

Amy Leonard—August 22

Joan Maust—August 22

Shelley Borlin—August 26

Resolutions need to be completed by the August 8th meeting!

For each incomplete resolution item you will owe the guild $5.00 or some quilt batting. The drawing for prizes for resolutions will be in August too.

We have had several inquiries about ordering additional T-shirts in sizes/colors that sold out early. Please contact Jenna Ingle if you are interested in placing an order.


Submitted by Marlene DaRos

Quiltfest 2006, "Floral Fantasy" had it all! Great show, great location, great weather! Especially, beautiful quilts!

Again, I was happy to enter a few of my quilts into this years' show. I was doubly excited to help Joyce Romack and crew with the take down duties. I learned last year, how much organized work ending the show can be. I felt confident I could help out again this year.

As an 'escort', my job was to assist to remove quilts from their display positions so they could be checked in. This importance ensures all quilts are returned to their owners. Results : no lost quilts. The treat for me? It's a chance to meet the quilt makers that go with the quilts. It's a wonderful way to meet other members. You might call it "organized-chaos" but it's fun and one of the speediest operations I've ever been involved in. Great job, Joyce! and to all the other show helpers!

Surfing the 'net, I found this list of tips judges consider when judging competitions. Please read through this list and think for a moment about our own quilt show, viewer's choice.

Tips for a Blue Ribbon from NQA Certified Judges

First Impression:

quilt clean, neat and odor free

all stray threads, lint, and animal hairs removed

color value (lights and darks) create contrast

design commands attention


points on triangles and diamonds sharply pointed

intersections meet precisely

seam allowances pressed consistently and lay flat

stitching tension strong and even

thread color blends or matches fabrics


curves smoothly rounded, and points sharp without bulk

invisible stitches small, close, tight and even

dark fabric does not shadow through light color fabric

thread color blends or matches with applied piece

markings are not visible

Borders and Sashings:

lie flat without buckling or waving

stay consistent in width

long seam lines are straight

Quilting Design &Quilting Stitches:

fits and fills the spaces uniformly

complements the pieced design

beginning and ending stitches secure and unobtrusive

knots are buried

stitches uniform in size, and even back and front


corners diagonal, or sharp perpendicular abutment

corners smoothly rounded, or 90-degrees square

bias fabric not stretched or rippled

batting firmly and evenly filled to edge

stitches on back small, close, tight and even

thread color matches binding fabric

Thanks to Judy Sieker for providing these tips.

After I read through the list, I decided that no competing quilt can meet ALL of those requirements! But you know what? It's a GOOD thing! I love our shows' openness, our honest, anything-goes, you-can-enter-anything, in the spirit of good showmanship. Certainly, not all quilts are Blue Ribbon grade, but the variety of entries are spectacular non-the-less!

At one time I felt intimidated when competing against those of professionally quilted entries. Now, I'm convinced that no matter what your skill level or expertise is in quilting, when you enter your quilt into our show, yours will be displayed and treated as honorably and equally, with opportunity as any "blue ribbon" quilt straight out of Iowa's State Fair, Paducah, Ky. or Houston, TX.!

If you've never entered your quilts, please consider doing so next year. The more the better! Your reward- will be, your prize- you'll see, is to hold your love of quilting high, share it, regard it with love and have displayed your efforts so proud.

Hats off to Kris Brighton, Kim Manthe, 2006 Quilt show committee, and everyone who helped to make this years' show spectacular!

AAQG Quilt Show's New Venue a Hit!

AAQG moves it's quilt show to a new home. Will it work? Will people come? How will everybody like it? These questions and more filled the heads of our Quilt Show Committee as they planned to move us to a new location. How did it turn out? Absolutely terrific! Everyone seemed to like the new building. It was beautiful, had ample parking space, and the inside was spacious and air conditioned!! What a setting for all the beautiful quilts that were displayed!

Ankeny Quilt Show view of Country Store

The hall itself, displayed the quilts so nicely. The high ceilings let us put up higher display pipes for the quilts. To me, it seemed less closed in than before. I never thought of the show as feeling closed in, until I saw all the quilts in that large open room. It just seemed to give the eye places to rest amid all the lovely quilts. I also enjoyed the vendors in the same room. When I was struck with inspiration, I could run over to the vendor's booths and check on a tool, book, pattern, fabric, etc.

Ankeny Quilt Show interior view of venue

Quilt Show white glove volunteer with quilts

I give the Quilt Show Chair, Past Chair, Chair-Elect, Quilt Show Committee, volunteers, quilt makers, and everyone who had anything to do with the show Very High Praise!!! It's a big job, but they carry it off in a manner that seems effortless. That's when you know things are well done, they may be hard, but to the spectator's eye, it looks easy.

Donation quilts

In my opinion, the Quilt Show was a huge success. I'm so glad we'll be able to carry on the tradition next year. I encourage people, to become a part of the show and really think about being Quilt Show Chair-Elect. It could even be a team of people in the position. The Quilt Show committee has such capable people taking care of details, it's a team effort!

I can't wait to see next year's show!

We welcomed Libby Lehman to our quilt show!

What a pleasure to have Libby Lehman at the show on Friday. Her lectures were wonderful and her work extraordinary! It was exciting to see her work up close!!

Libby Lehman speaking at the quilt show

Her quilt "Joy Ride" was chosen as one of the Best 100 American Quilts of the 20th Century.

In addition to making quilts, most of her time is spent teaching, judging and lecturing in the U.S. as well as internationally (Japan, Australia, the UK, Germany, Spain, New Zealand, and Switzerland).

Libby Lehman's quilt Joy Ride

Joy Ride by Libby Lehman

A quilt by Libby Lehman

She is the author of "Threadplay with Libby Lehman" (That Patchwork Place, 1997) and her quilts have appeared in many books and international publications. Libby announced during her presentation that her book was available again and could be purchased at Pine Needles Sewing Center, 290 Blairs Ferry Rd NE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402, 319-373-0334.

Libby says " I work on one quilt at a time, from start to finish ("finish" means the slides are taken and in the notebook). This discipline helps me to focus in on each quilt as a distinct entity. It also cuts down on the clutter, both literally and figuratively. Part of my creative process involves an ongoing dialogue with my quilts; too many voices trying to talk at once would be distracting. It usually takes from a few days to a month to complete a quilt."

A close-up of Libby Lehman's work

This is a close-up of Libby's amazing work!!

Karen Stone spoke at our quilt show too!

Saturday we had some wonderful presentations by Karen Stone. She spoke on color organization in a scrap quilt and contemporary variations of traditional ideas.

Karen Stone with her quilt

Rob Holland wrote a book review of Karen Stone's work. I think he has given a very good assessment of the work we saw by Karen Stone at our show. He said "What makes Karen Stone's quilts so compelling is their color and complexity. There are a variety of influences—southwestern/Mexican primarily, but also applique motifs—which interplay with complex traditional quilt designs such as the New York beauty and the Lone Star, to make something entirely original. What's more, Karen's fabric imagination is uncanny in its ability to mix very traditional calico-type prints and paisleys with bolder plain and large-print fabrics to make a unique blend. Typically Karen's quilts are very busy, with lots of interplay among curved lines, triangles and other polygons, and straight lines, but they are always harmonious. Despite a very large fabric palette, the last word you would ever apply to them is "scrappy.""

A quilt by Karen Stone

Central Iowa Shop Hop

September 21-23, 2006

Thursday 10 AM to 8 PM

Friday &Saturday 10 AM to 6 PM

Participating Shops

Adel Quilting &Dry Goods, 909 Prairie St., Adel, IA, 515-993-1170

Creekside Quilting, 9926 Swanson Blvd., Clive, IA, 515-276-1977

The Quilt Block, 325 5th St. West Des Moines IA, 515-255-1010

Quilting Connection, 238 Main St., Ames, IA, 515-233-3048

The Quilt Junction, 220 5th St. West Des Moines, IA, 515-274-0660

The Quilt Express, 4800 Mills Civic Pkwy, WDM, 515-224-0151

Quilter's Cupboard, 131 N. Ankeny Blvd., Ankeny, IA, 515-963-8758

15% store-wide discount (some exceptions may apply at each store)

FREE PATTERN at each shop

Visit all 7 shops for chance to win a gift certificate!

Hear about the Freedom Quilt project

Betty Nielsen, co-founder of Freedom Quilt, Inc. will be coming to 1st United Methodist Church, 313 E. Montgomery St., Knoxville, on Saturday, August 5th at 1:30 pm.

She will share her story of making thousands of quilts for the families of 9-11 victims as well as the loved ones of those who have died protecting our country's freedom.

Betty would welcome your donations of patriotic fabrics. A freewill offering will also be taken to assist Betty in this project. Light refreshments will be served.

Can you help?

Francine Elliott stopped at the quilt show to see if there was anyone in the guild who could help her put a quilt on her quilting frame to hand quilt. She was hoping someone could show her how it's done. She is willing to pay for your time and knowledge.

Please contact her: Francine Elliott, 802 NW Applewood, Ankeny, IA Her phone is 964-2286

Quilting for Fun!

There is a new link on our website to an internet quilt shop called Quilting for Fun. The shop has a special promotion for our guild members who shop at their site online.

AAQG shoppers will receive 10% off their entire purchase. When AAQG members check out they will need to enter: aaqg-in-912, in the Coupon area on the bottom left. That code will give them 10% off their total purchase.

Questions—please contact: Patricia Fagley, Quilting for Fun, 212 Gloucester Street, Franklin TN 37064, (615) 830-8338, www.quiltingforfun.com

Longarm machine quilting by Barbara Dickerson

Specializing in stipple (meandering) and pantogram (edge to edge pattern)

Reasonable prices!

Quick turn-around! (2—4 weeks)

Smoke-free environment!

Quality work!

Contact us about pickup arrangement in the Ankeny area.

Barbara Dickerson, Runnells, IA, 515/966-2190

Quilting cartoon

Quilt Shows this Fall!

"Quilted Memories"

September 8,9,10, 2006

Boone County Historical Center, 602 Story Street, Boone, IA

Come share our love or quilts and quilting during Boone's annual Pufferbilly Celebration!

TTT Annual Quilt Show

September 16 &17, 2006

Located at the Davis County Fairgrounds, Bloomfield, IA

Quilts, Door Prizes, Food, Mini Displays, Quilt Raffle

Des Moines Area Quilters Guild Quilt Show

October 13,14,15, 2006

Located at Advertureland Park, Palace Theater, Altoona, Iowa

Over 600 quilts, free lectures, Little Quilts Silent Auction, Raffle Quilt, Vendors

FREE SHUTTLE RIDES between the Midwest Feedsack Group Show and the DMAQG Quilt Show venues.

Fons and Porter ad

Sewing Machine Repair ad

Quilting Connection ad

Quilter's Cupboard ad
The Sampler ad

Creekside Quilting ad

Country Quilt Studio ad

Dresden Plate Quilt Exhibit

New Quilts From An Old Favorite

During June and July the Octagon Center for the Arts, in Ames, featured 18 quilts in the Dresden Quilt traveling exhibit. This exhibit was developed and organized by the Museum of the American Quilter's Society in Paducah, Kentucky. Quilters from 14 different states as well as Canada and Germany created the award-winning quilts on display.

Can you feel the spirit?

The quilt shown above is "Can You Fell the Spirit" by Cathy Pilcher Sperry of Cincinnati, Ohio, 2005.

This 1st place winning quilt features machine and hand applique, is machine paper pieced, machine quilted, with machine bobbin writing, machine-piped binding and hand beading.

Cathy Pilcher Sperry's approach to quilting has changed since she took a motivational seminar. This class had nothing to do with quilting, yet she feels it has made a big impact on her work. She says, "The question they have you ask yourself is, "What would you do if you knew you wouldn't fail?""

"Service for Twelve" is a wonderful quilt made by the mother-daughter team of Claudia Clark Meyers and Jessica Torvinen. They are part of a long line of quilters stretching from Claudia's great-great grandmother to Jessica's sons.

Claudia decided to emphasize the table setting idea by using damask-type off white fabrics and lace edging for the background. She them photographed her silverware and fused it on, quilting the knives, forks, and spoons in place to secure them. Daughter Jessica quilted the quilt using her long-arm machine.

Service for Twelve

This quilt is titled "Service for Twelve" by Claudia Clark Myers and Jessica Torvinen, Duluth, MN, 2005.

They used cotton fabrics, Fairfield batting, Superior King Tut and So Fine thread, and YLI metallic thread. It features machine piecing, machine applique, fusible applique, and is machine quilted.

Guatemalan Wildflowers

"Guatemalan Wildflowers" was made by Jane K. Wells, Fort Wayne, IN, 2005.

It was made with Guatemalan cottons and cotton batting. The photo is a close-up of the center of the quilt, showing the texture and color of the Guatemalan woven fabrics.

The Quilting Connection in Ames was one of the sponsors of this exhibit. Be sure to let them know how much you enjoyed seeing the Dresden Plate quilt in a new way!