Sew 'N Tell
September 2005
Issue No 168.
Web Address: http://www.aaqg.net
Mailing: Ankeny Area Quilters' Guild, P.O. Box 961, Ankeny, IA 50021
"Sharing a common thread!"

There will be a board meeting Tuesday, September 6, 2005, 6:30 p.m. at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church. This meeting is for both outgoing board members and new board members.

September Guild Meeting

The meeting is Tuesday, September 13 - 7:00 p.m. at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Ankeny.

September's featured speaker is Barabara Randle. She is known for her "Crazy quilting with attitude" which is a new approach to traditional crazy quilts. Her projects include crazy quilting lamp shades, purses, pillows, scarves --lots of artsy projects your great-grandmother could never have imagined! Her embellishment ideas are great - adding lots of attitude!!

Check her web site: www.randledesigns.com to learn about her "Crazy Quilts With an Attitude."

The fat quarter lottery for September is Black and White prints.

September's treats will be provided by the Guild Board.

Secret Sisters

Our secret sister reveal pot luck will be October 11 at 7:00 p.m. There is one more month to do something special for your secret sister!

President's Report

Hello! My name is Jenna Ingle and I am your AAQG President for 2005-2006. I thought I would give you a mini introduction so you will know a little more about me! I am 28 years old, I graduated from Ankeny High School in 1995 (go hawks!), I married my high school sweetheart, Chad, on September 11, 1999. We will be having our 10 year high school reunion this month, homecoming weekend. I know, I know, I'm just a "baby" but I am NOT the youngest member of this guild! I was introduced to quilting through my mom, Charlotte Stordahl, and we have great fun shopping and sewing together. I took my first quilting class in 2000, it was beginning quilting through Ankeny adult education and it was taught by a guild member, Karen Baker. I am now addicted to buying fabric, especially kits and I have plastic containers full of projects waiting to be made! (I do work when I am not sewing. I am a hairstylist and have been working at Hairwest, here in Ankeny for 8 years.) As it is turning into fall, the days are getting shorter and I begin to think of the upcoming holidays. Now that doesn't mean I am starting any projects, that would be silly, I still have a good 2-3 months! I am a procrastinator, I guess I like the pressure of a deadline. Now I know there are other members just like me, so I can admit my weakness and know I am in the company of friends! I really do want to motivate you to think ahead for the holidays and get ready for my President's Mystery that will be coming up soon! Also, I have a challenge for myself as President. During this next year, I would like to sew with every small group in this guild. I feel that I could get to know members more personally in a small group setting, an get to know your talents as quilters. Please contact me if your group is interested! I would like to get the days organized, because I will take off from work to sew! I am looking forward to this year as President and am ready for the challenge! --Jenna

Secretary's Report

Meeting minutes...AAQG...Aug. 9th, 2005 President Sherie called the meeting to order and asked all members to get a copy of by-laws read and to be voted on in September...Jenna passed out ballots and went over names of nominees...Marlene DeRoss showed her wonderful "Stars over Ankeny" and explained how she made the quilt starting with a map of Ankeny from the Internet...Deanne Stewart showed Kathy Hamilton's (her daughter) miniature quilt and accepted charm...this winning quilt was picked by Elsie Campbell from the Presidents Challange...Kim Manthe thanked everyone for helping with the Quilt SHow and she and Kris B. passed out door prizes to volunteers...The Raffle Quilt winner and sewing machine winner were at the meeting...all winners who entered quilts for the Quilt SHow were announced (see listing elswhere in newsletter) and their pictures were taken by Sandy from Ankeny Press...voting for 2005-2006 Board took place...meeting followed by show and tell and refreshments...submitted by Secretary Charlotte S.

August Meeting Prize-winners

Fat Quarter Lottery -- Lisa Starr

Door Prizes -- Peggy Vespestad, Helen Schleicher, Lanae Rohwer

Birthday Prizes -- Joyce Wisgerhof (July) Cyndee Davis (August)

Web Sites of Interest

Each month we thought we'd include a column of interesting web sites. Some months there will be a common thread among the websites...some months the only common trait will be that we thought they were interesting. We're encouraging everyone to send us web addresses of sites we may not know about. That's the only way this column will continue to be worthwhile! We'll keep looking, too. Here are a few for this month...

Please send us your ideas!

AAQG Featured Quilter of the Month - Denette Stoll

Denette Stoll

Denette Stoll was randomly picked as our first "Featured Quilter!" This new column will help us all get to know each other alittle better. Be sure to go up to Denette and say "Hi" and introduce yourself!

How long have you been quilting?

Denette asks herself "How old is my granddaughter?" and laughs. About 5 years. I did a couple of quilts about 20 years ago.

What are your favorite fabric colors? ---Fall colors

Why do you quilt?

"cause I'm a fabri-holic! I have to do something with all the fabric I've amassed!"

Many thanks to Denette for being a very gracious Featured Quilter! You may be our next Featured Quilter -- and we are all looking forward to meeting you!

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??Question of the month??

The question provides another way for us to share our knowledge and interact with each other. Last month's question was " How does one go about getting those pretty quilting designs that are in all the quilt books and magazines onto the actual quilt top? Do you use tracing paper like dressmakers carbon paper or trace the designs onto tracing paper and pin that to the quilt and then stitch over that and tear it off?" All the instructions ever say are "quilt as desired."

  • I have generally traced or created a template on mylar or cardboard. Then I used the pens that either fade out or wash out to mark the quilt top using the templates. - Linda
  • My favorite way to transfer quilting patterns is using the Golden Threads Quilting papers product. It's convenient to use and comes in a large roll. The paper can be pinned or use temporary spray adhesives to position designs in place. I've used it with regular machine sewing as well as on my Hinterberg stretch frame. There's no worry of the designs disappearing before my project's finished as some chalk markings might. - Marlene

Thanks to everyone that shared their ideas! You may submit a question of the month or share a comment, idea or answer by emailing us at: newsletter@aaqg.net

October's ??Question of the Month??

What ideas for quilt guild programs or workshops do you have? Are there specific programs, speakers or topics you would like our guild to feature?.

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Dear fellow quilters,

The quilt show has come and gone, summer is here in full swing, and my term is coming to a close a president. I would like to say I had a wonderful year as president. It gave me the opportunity to meet and get to know so many neat people. This truly a wonderful group of people. If any of you have the chance to take on a larger role in the guild, I encourage you to do so. I knew I would be pushing myself and I never regretted it a minute.

I would like to thank the following individuals who contributed quilts to the Presidents Mini-Challenge: Cyndee Davis, Emily McKellar, Kris Brighton, Cecile Voght, Nancy Herman, Marlene DaRoss, Cathy Hamilton, Ramona Tapper, Karen Underhill, and Becky Larson. My intent was to send the winner to a larger Miniature Quilt Contest. As luck would have it, they are no longer having it. All of the mini-quilts were sold at the Country Store. I will present a prize to the winner at the August meeting.

I would also like to thank everyone who contributed their time and talent to help make the guild what it is today. We have a great group of volunteers who are always willing to step up to any challenge.

If I see you in a quilt shop some time, please don't take offense if I don't remember your name. I WILL remember your face and more than likely some of the quilts you brought for show-n-tell.

Piecefully yours,


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12 Step Cure for Quilting Addiction:

  1. Admit there is NO cure.
  2. Quilt
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Submitted by: Cyndee Davis

STARS OVER ANKENY - 2005 Quilt Show Winners

There were so many wonderful quilts at our show!!!

We have many photos to share of all the prize winning quilts. They won't all fit in the newsletter but they are all available on our quilt guild website, http://www.aaqg.net

View the photos in Show and Tell under Activites.

 Helen Schleicher and quilt

Viewer’s Choice - Helen Schleicher - Aunty Venus & Mars

 Marlene DaRos and quilt

Quilt Show Theme Creativity Award - Marlene DeRos - Stars Over Ankeny

Large Pieced

 Kris Brighton and quilt
  1. Kris Brighton - 2003 Country Register Mystery Quilt
  2. Helen Schleicher - Aunty Venus & Mars
  3. Jan Plantz - Garden of Flowers

Small Pieced

Nan Herman and quilt
  1. Nan Herman - Paper Pieced Garden
  2. Karen Baker - Ankeny Angels Log Cabin Challenge
  3. Kathy Hamilton - Starburst

Ticket Sale Winners

First Place raffle ticket sales - Pat Dolecheck

Second Place raffle ticket sales - Max Bowers

Third Place raffle ticket sales - Joyce Horsnstein


 Kim Manthe and quilt
  1. Kim Manthe - Painted Desert
  2. Trina Kirkvold - Mexican Stars
  3. Linda Northwick - Cheery Chick

Mixed Technique

  1. 1. JoAnn Dyar - Garden of Love
  2. 2. Ilene Bartos - Beaded Leaves
  3. 3. Reni Nalevanko - Beyond the Color Purple

Original Art

  1. Marilyn Beach - Where the Wild Grapes Grow
  2. Ilene Bartos - Double Vision
  3. Lanae Rohwer - Night Fairy

Wearable Art

  1. Lonnie Parsons - Sweatshirt Jacket
  2. Laura Parker - Wheelchair Bag
  3. Polly Anderson - Patchwork Denim Jacket

Plans for QUILTFEST 2006 are already underway!

There will be a sign up sheet for everyone interested in being part of the 2006 Quilt Show Committee at the Sept.13 Guild meeting. The name of next year's show will be "15th Anniversary Floral Fantasy". Kris Brighton is lining up the Faith Baptist Bible College as the site for the show.  The dates of next year's show will be July 7 & 8, 2006.  Set-up day will be Thursday, July 6th.

Start to Finish

 Lanae Rohwer and quilt
  1. Lanae Rohwer - Mexican Stars
  2. Reni Nalevanko - Night Blooms
  3. Peg Vespestad - Down on the Farm

Small Appliqué

  1. Jean Taft - Fabled Flowers
  2. No entries
  3. No entries


 Robin Gasperi and quilt
  1. Robin Gasperi - Everything But the Kitchen Sink
  2. Laura Parker - Family Affair & Tis’ the Season
  3. Laura Parker - Summer Fun in the Sun

Each month we will be featuring a special quilt store and hope you will visit.

This month's featured shop is Quilter's Haven in Ankeny, Iowa.

Happy 4th Anniversary to Quilter's Haven!

Judy Larsen has owned Quilter's Haven for 4 years this August 2005.

Before 2001, Judy was living in the Council Bluffs/Omaha area. Judy, an R.N., was director of two hospices there. Judy grew up in Des Moines, and when her father became ill, she came back to be with him when he needed hospice. While she was in this area, the opportunity became available to buy Quilter’s Haven.

Though her husband remains in western Iowa, (he teaches alternate school in Glenwood), they remain connected through lots of quick visits and a good, strong marriage. Judy says of owning a quilt shop, “I’ve never worked so hard in my life and had so much fun doing it!” Judy started quilting about 30 years ago. She comes from a very artistic family. She says she was the only person in her family that couldn’t draw, so she had to find other outlets for her creativity. She’s done stained glass and cross stitch, which led to quilting. She says she felt she needed more from her work than a framed piece for the wall.

One suggestion Judy gives to people is to add fun bindings to projects. Judy has 6 excellent part time store employees who are helpful without being pushy. Judy’s motto is to be honest with customers. “We don’t try to push things on them that they don’t need or want.” We mustn't forget Bailey, the official greeter, who greets customers as they come in the door!

 Quilter's Haven quilts

The pattern: Turning 20 - in 3 different colorways.

 Quilter's Haven

Judy Larsen and Bailey

Quilter's Haven's focus is classic quilting. "Most of what you buy from us will still be in style 10 years from now." Judy tries to carry the necessities as well as a few out of the ordinary items. One is a line of fabric from Princess Mirah. The company works with a family in Bali to create the fabric. The company supplies the grey goods and the family hand prints the fabric, laying it in the fields to dry. Then the Princess Mirah company brings it to us to purchase. Another interesting line is the Wild Women Designs from Loralie Designs. There's a fabric line as well as multi format embroidery machine designs. Judy also carries Cactus Punch embroidery designs.

If it's not in the shop, they can order from a vast catalog and usually have it in the shop in a week. Other top sellers are the panels from the company “Block Party” in Nevada, IA. They include Psalms 1, Psalms 2, Be Creative and Wisdom for Mature Quilters. There are several classes lined up. Paper piecing, Turning 20, and Slash Your Stash are among the most popular.

The shop hop is coming up Sept. 15-17. Quilter's Haven's pattern is "Tri Dazzle". Longarm quilting is also available at Quilter's Haven. She can accommodate wall hanging size to California King size. Judy does lots of t-shirt quilts. She has lots of specialty threads to give an extra spark to the quilting.

Quilter's Haven has a web site: www.quiltbuild.com.

Phone: (515) 964-2747 (business & fax) or you can email Judy at quiltershaven@qwest.net.

Address: 520 SW 3rd St., Ankeny, IA 50021

Store hours: Monday-Thursday 10am-6pm; Friday & Saturday 10am-5pm.

Time to renew your guild membership!

The membership form can be found on another page of our web site. Please click the link for the form.

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