Sew 'N Tell
August 2005
Issue No 167.
Web Address: http://www.aaqg.net
Mailing: Ankeny Area Quilters' Guild, P.O. Box 961, Ankeny, IA 50021
"Sharing a common thread!"

There will be no board meeting Tuesday, August 2, 2005.

The next guild meeting is Tuesday, August 9th - 7:00pm at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Ankeny. The program will be Quilt Show wrap-up and awards.

All resolution forms should be returned by the August meeting. The last time to show your finished work is at August's Show and Tell. Please make sure either Theresa Lumley or Bonnie Barry mark off your project.

The fat quarter lottery for August is Fall prints (fall colors, vegetables, Halloween).

Our August treat committee is Lisa Harmon, Cathy Dimit, Diane Collette, Donna Jo Smith, and Jenna Ingle. Please remember to sign up for 2005-2006 treat committees at the August meeting! What a terrific project for a small group, a group of friends, or individuals wanting to get to know more people in the guild! We're getting to be a large guild, but we still need lots of volunteers!

September Guild Meeting

Fat quarter lottery fabric is batik. The speaker will be Barbara Randle. Check her web site: www.randledesigns.com to learn about her "Crazy Quilts With an Attitude."

Secret Sisters

Our secret sister reveal pot luck will be October 11 at 7pm. Keep your secret sister in your thoughts and we'll find out who we are in October!

Vice-President's Corner

Nominations for the Upcoming Board Election

The following list is our tentative ballot. We still have a position that needs to be filled. We will also accept nominations from the floor at the time of the election.

Vice President:

Cyndee Davis or

Kim Manthe

Treasurer: Sammy Palmer
Programs: Sherie Johnson
Program Chair Elect: Marlene DaRos
Director at Large Elect: Linda Schlenker
Retreat chair Elect: Jenna Ingle
Quilt show chair elect: OPEN

Another month has gone by without any volunteers for Quilt Show Chair Elect. As I said last month, the position can be filled by co-chairs, not just one person. Also you will have a year of learning before it's your time to plan, and you will have a whole committee to assist you. If this position does not get filled, we will not have a 2007 quilt show due to lack of planning. Please step up and serve your guild!

Thank you! Jenna Ingle VP

Donation Quilts
I will collect quilts at the August meeting and then take all of them down to the main office for Children and Family Services of Iowa. We have collected 82 quilts and 41 suitcases, great job ladies! Thank you to everyone who donated quilts, fabric and time for cutting/assembling packets, we couldn't have done it without you!

Dear fellow quilters,

The quilt show has come and gone, summer is here in full swing, and my term is coming to a close a president. I would like to say I had a wonderful year as president. It gave me the opportunity to meet and get to know so many neat people. This truly is a wonderful group of people. If any of you have the chance to take on a larger role in the guild, I encourage you to do so. I knew I would be pushing myself and I never regretted it a minute. I would like to thank the following individuals who contributed quilts to the Presidents Mini-Challenge: Cyndee Davis, Emily McKellar, Kris Brighton, Cecile Vogt, Nancy Herman, Marlene DaRos, Cathy Hamilton, Ramona Tapper, Karen Underhill, and Becky Larson. My intent was to send the winner to a larger Miniature Quilt Contest. As luck would have it, they are no longer having it. All of the mini-quilts were sold at the Country Store. I will present a prize to the winner at the August meeting. I would also like to thank everyone who contributed their time and talent to help make the guild what it is today. We have a great group of volunteers who are always willing to step up to any challenge. If I see you in a quilt shop some time, please don’t take offense if I don’t remember your name. I WILL remember your face and more than likely some of the quilts you brought for show-n-tell.

Piecefully yours, Sherie

Web Sites of Interest

Each month we thought we'd include a column of interesting web sites. Some months there will be a common thread among the websites...some months the only common trait will be that we thought they were interesting. We're encouraging everyone to send us web addresses of sites we may not know about. That's the only way this column will continue to be worthwhile! We'll keep looking, too. Here are a few for this month...

These are just a few...please send us your ideas. It will keep this column fresh and we'll all learn a lot!


They do not make them any more,

For quilts are cheaper at the store

Than woman's labor, though a wife

Men think the cheapest thing in life.

But now and then a quilt is spread

Upon quaint old walnut bed,

A crazy quilt of those days

That I am old enough to praise.

Some woman sewed these points and squares

Into a pattern like life's cares.

Here is a velvet that was strong,

The poplin that she wore so long,

A fragment from her daughter's dress,

Like her, a vanished loveliness;

Old patches of such things as these,

Old garments and old memories.

And what is life? A crazy quilt;

Sorrow and joy, and grace and guilt,

With here and there a square of blue

For some old happiness we knew;

And so the hand of time will take

The fragments of our lives and make,

Out of life's remnants, as they fall,

A thing of beauty, after all.

Jean Crosse Hansen

Reprinted from http://www.patchwork-quilt-patterns.com/html/

Current Checkbook Balance: $5,394.84
July Actual YTD Actual 2004-2005 Budget
Operating Income
Dues & Guest Fees 25.00 3,585.00 3,500.00
Workshop Fees 0.00 195.00 2,600.00
Advertising 60.00 324.00 500.00
Spring Retreat Fees 0.00 3,293.00 3,520.00
Miscellaneous 76.73 167.23 100.00
Challenge Packets 0.00 85.50 100.00
Shirts & Pins 30.00 305.00 1,500.00
Interest Income 23.00 187.40 100.00
Total Operating Income $214.73 $8,142.13 $11,920.00
Quilt Show Income
QS-Raffle Quilt 2165.00 3,712.00 3,500.00
QS-Admissions 4316.00 4,316.00 4,500.00
QS-Country Store 1526.00 1,526.00 1,400.00
QS-Food 1685.99 1,685.99 1,500.00
QS-Vendor Booth Fees 96.50 2,690.50 2,500.00
QS-Vendor Advertising 0.00 40.00 100.00
Total Quilt Show Income $9,789.49 $13,970.49 $13,500.00
Total Income $10,004.22 $22,112.62 $25,420.00
Operating Expenses
Rent-HTLC Fellowship Hall 0.00 1,250.00 1,375.00
Programs 0.00 2,977.08 3,100.00
Newsletter Printing 81.09 750.22 800.00
Newletter Postage 74.00 686.69 850.00
Workshop/UFO 579.20 1,312.61 3,000.00
Prizes-State Fair/Challenge/Guild 75.00 375.00 700.00
Postage/Stationary/Supplies 48.93 354.84 450.00
Membership Directories 0.00 191.45 175.00
PO Box Rental 0.00 38.00 38.00
Retreat Expense 0.00 3,385.68 3,000.00
Software Expense 0.00 0.00 0.00
Insurance Expense (liability) 0.00 140.00 150.00
Donations (IPTV, Summerfest) 0.00 175.00 150.00
Ankeny Chamber Membership 0.00 130.00 129.00
Storage Rental Expense 300.00 300.00 300.00
Miscellaneous (Resol/Challenge Packets) 96.30 333.37 250.00
Shirts & Pins 0.00 278.00 1,000.00
Web-site Expense 0.00 990.80 750.00
Bank Service Charge Expense 5.30 53.00 65.00
Total Operating Expenses $1,259.82 $13,721.74 $16,282.00
Quilt Show Expenses
QS-Displays 1974.67 1,974.67 2,000.00
QS-Bookmarks 0.00 154.43 250.00
QS-Brochure & Quilt Tags 750.87 795.39 1,000.00
QS-Food 541.22 541.22 750.00
QS-Advertising 778.66 1,301.57 2,000.00
QS-Signs 0.00 0.00 250.00
QS-Postage/Paper/Phone 195.74 251.74 200.00
QS-Prizes 455.00 380.00 2,000.00
QS-School Rental 803.00 1,103.00 1,200.00
QS-Raffle License 0.00 75.00 75.00
QS-Raffle Quilt 0.00 412.28 500.00
QS-Raffle Quilt Pictures 0.00 48.13 100.00
QS-Raffle Ticket Printing 35.90 136.22 125.00
QS-Sales Tax 0.00 0.00 375.00
QS-Hangers/Other Expense 81.57 81.57 75.00
QS-Miscellaneous Expense 39.06 39.06 200.00
Total Quilt Show Expenses $5,655.69 $7,294.28 $11,100.00
Total Expenses $6,915.51 $21,016.02 $27,382.00
Net Income/Loss $3,088.71 $1,096.60 -$1,962.00
Transfer from MM to Checking
Transfer from Checking to MM
Ending Checkbook Balance 5,394.84
Money Market Account 17,118.64
Petty Cash 34.00
Total AAQG Assets $22,547.48

??Question of the month??

Last month we tried a new idea, the quilting question of the month. The question provides another way for us to share our knowledge and interact with each other. Last month's question was "What quilting reference book do you use again and again-and recommend to others? Here are the responses, in no particular order.

  • I'd recommend this book, "Better Homes & Gardens 'Complete Guide To Quilting'". It's a big book! ...Lots of thorough and complete information, helpful, easy. -Marlene
  • My favorite help book is 'Super Quilter II' that I have had about 15 years. It has all the basic measurements & calculations and good directions for making bias from a square of fabric. -Jean
  • I have used "Quilter's Complete Guide" by Marianne Fons & Liz Porter over and over again. It's a good basic reference. It has a chapter on quilt care that I've read many times. -Susan
  • I like "Quilter's Complete Guide" also. I use it all the time. I love the chapter about binding and lumpless finishing. -Celeste
  • I don't have one in particular that is a base reference. I use the internet a lot now to just look things up or to find a pattern for a standard block or instructions. -Linda
  • I am a new quilter and the first book I got was Your First Quilt book ( 0r it should be) by Carol Doak and the publisher is That Patchwork Place. It is a very basic book, lots of photos and illustrations. I also like the book, Sensational Sets and Borders that is part of the Rodale Quilting Library. It has lots of color pictures of step by step instructions and special sections on Problem Solving. -Cecilie

Thanks to everyone that shared their ideas! You may submit a question of the month or share a comment, idea or answer by emailing us at: newsletter@aaqg.net

September's ??Question of the Month??

How does one go about getting those pretty quilting designs that are in all the quilt books and magazines onto the actual quilt top? Do you use tracing paper like dressmakers carbon paper or trace the designs onto tracing paper and pin that to the quilt and then stitch over that and tear it off? All the instructions ever say are "quilt as desired."

We all enjoy quilt shows but it's hard to visit them all! We plan to feature reviews of quilt shows -in Iowa and other places you visit in the newsletter. Let us know if you would like to review a show you recently visited!

“Rhapsody in Quilting, 2005” July 15-16

Iowa Quilters Guild Quilt Show- Grimes, Iowa

rhap·so·dy, n. pl. rhap-so-dies exalted or excessively enthusiastic expression of feeling. a work in an impassioned or exalted style. a state of elated bliss; ecstasy. a composition of irregular form that often incorporates improvisation.

There are small town quilt shows, there are medium town quilt shows, and there’s the Iowa Quilters Guild show. In a class by itself, this group defines what a quilt show is about. Keep the attendees entertained and fed well. Provide plenty of vendors for browsing and stash shopping. Plan for large crowds, because this show will bring them in. I’d heard so many rave reviews of this show before I knew this guild existed! So, I took the short trip to Dallas-Grimes High School on Friday to check it out. Wow! I thought to myself, “A really big place for just a quilt show”... Once inside, I noticed this was not a small show…Within the gymnasium, classrooms and cafeteria they provided free presentations, demos, and classes. Quilting celebrities, Marianne Fons & Liz Porter were speakers for a banquet on Saturday. This years’ show theme was “Rhapsody in Quilting” – all entries exhibited much time, such perfection, personal passion. Expressions of design in every form! Eventually. it was time for me to pick my viewer choices, cast my ballot. Only two categories but ‘simple’ it was not! Favorite bed quilt? Favorite wall quilt? I had to choose, but how could I? I decided they were all winning choices. I snapped off a couple rolls of film, voted in the block challenge, collected one of their show pins….as I drove away from the parking lot, off to my left…there they came, by the bus loads …enthusiastic quilt fans all set to be exalted!

Marlene DaRos

(The next IQG show will be in 2007)

Fons and Porter ad

Area Events

Quilt Treasures: A Tour

Saturday, July 30, 10 a.m., Noon and 2 p.m.

Limited to 20 people per tour - Reservations are strongly encouraged $30 per person - Groups welcome Call Katie Flippen at 515-281-4129 for reservations

Due to strong public demand, the State Historical Museum is expanding its History Hunter "Vault Tours" to include a special viewing of Iowa's best historic quilts. Chief Curator Michael Smith will lead the exclusive, behind-the-scenes tours of some of Iowa's finest treasures. The tour begins with an introduction to quilting history in the museum's new Rural Remembrances: Iowa's Quilt Legacy and continues in the subterranean, climate-controlled preservation center where tour participants will see some of the finest examples of this great American art form. Collection, conservation and preservation techniques will be discussed during this unprecedented opportunity to see quilts that have never been available for public viewing. Additional quilting activities will be available for the entire family.

2005 SHOP TO SHOP HOP, August 18 to 21

Visit shops in Marion, Amana, Traer, Lamont, Manchester

See the guild's July newsletter for complete details

The Heart of the Lincoln Highway Quilt Show

August 27 & 28 in Jefferson, Iowa

The show will be held at the Greene County Community Center and Jefferson-Scranton Middle School, located at 203 and 204 West Harrison Street. There will be over 250 quilts, vintage and new.

Fall Fabric Frenzy Shop Hop,September 8-17, 2005

Participating Shops Include:

  • Heart and Hand Dry Goods Co., Sioux City, IA
  • My Quilt Shop, Sergeant Bluff, IA
  • The Quilt Shoppe, Alta, IA
  • Quilting on Main, Pocahontas, IA
  • Roelofs, Sioux Center, IA

Fall in Love With Quilts 2005, Cherokee, Iowa

Saturday, September 24, 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

Cherokee Community Center, 530 W. Bluff, Cherokee

Presented by Cherokee Quilt Batts

QUILTFEST 2005 - STARS OVER ANKENY was a huge success!

A very special thank you to our 2005 Sponsors:

  • Creative Sewing - Des Moines, IA
  • The Stitching Place - Indianola, IA
  • Quilting Connection - Ames, IA
  • Creekside Quilting - Clive, IA
  • Tracey’s Tables - Waubeka, WI

Thank you to The Harvest Table, Original Creations, Quilting on Main, The Sampler, Creekside Quilting and to Susan Cleveland for the awesome lectures.

Thank you to our 2005 vendors:

  • Original Creations, Alamo, TX
  • The Stitching Place, Indianola, IA
  • Tracey’s Tables, Waubeka, WI
  • Adel Quilting & Dry Goods, Adel, IA
  • Quilt Junction, West Des Moines, IA
  • Rainbows & Calico Things, Williamsburg, IA
  • Uniquely Yours, Monroe, WI
  • The Sampler, Chariton, IA
  • Harvest Table, Norwalk, IA
  • The Quilt Shop, Alta, IA
  • French Market, LeMars, IA
  • Quilting on Main, Pocahontas, IA
  • Connie’s Quilt Shop, Marion, IA
  • The Quilt Block, West Des Moines, IA
  • Quilting Connection, Ames, IA
  • Homespun Quilt Shop, Estherville, IA
  • Creative Sewing, Des Moines, IA
  • Quilter’s Coop, Sanborn, IA
  • Quilter’s Portable, Mallard, IA

Thank you to all the AAQG guild members (and some guild members' husbands) that volunteered to help with the show. Whether you helped set up, brought food items, worked the show, or helped take down, all of you were needed and greatly appreciated!

Creekside ad

Donation Quilts

Thank you to all guild members that made donation quilts or donated suitcases throughout this past year. We displayed and will be able to donate 82 quilts and 14 suitcases to Family and Children Services of Iowa!

Thank you to everyone that donated Country Store items. We had a record number of things to auction off!

Welcome to the new guild members that signed up during the show! We can’t wait to meet you!

Thank you to Marlene DeRos. She entered a quilt entitled, Stars Over Ankeny, this year that was so creative and cool; we pulled it from the exhibit area and just had to display it in the front entrance near our guild table. It was done in mainly red, gray, and navy, and had an aerial map of Ankeny with red stars dancing over it. As the quilts were being hung, we felt this quilt deserved a special place in our show. Marlene was so sweet to let us do this, too. In fact, she is so sweet; she is even going to give a mini-presentation on how she constructed the quilt at our August guild meeting. There will be handouts, also. Many, many visitors stopped to admire your quilt, Marlene! Way to go!

Last but not least, thank you so much to the 2005 Quilt Show committee for all of your hard work, dedication, and countless hours you devoted to the show! This show couldn’t have happened without all of you and you were so great to work with!

Kim Manthe

2005 AAQG Quilt Show Chair

Our 2005 Door Prize winner is:

Theola Thompson of Des Moines, IA

She wins a PFAFF select 1520 donated by The Stitching Place, Indianola, IA.

Our 2005 Raffle Quilt winner is:

Janet Hansen of Johnston, IA

She wins our beautiful raffle quilt, Civil War Star, pieced by Just Kim’s Friends and quilted by Linda McGhee of The Quilting Mill, Mitchellville, IA. Maxine Bowers sold the winning raffle quilt ticket this year.

Our door prize winner and our raffle quilt winner have been invited to attend our August meeting as our guests. We will present them with their prizes, then.

Our Viewer’s Choice winner will win a Husqvarna Viking IRIS sewing and embroidery machine donated by Quilting Connection, Ames, IA. The ballots have not been tallied yet and won’t be until it gets closer to our August 9, 2005 AAQG meeting. Check back after that meeting for the name of this year’s winner. All 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place category winners will win cash prizes. The Novice category winners will win cool quilting-related prizes!

Quilt Show 2005

One guild member sold the most raffle quilt tickets. Who is it? We will announce the winner at our August meeting and he/she will win a Husqvarna Viking 435 donated by Creative Sewing, Des Moines, IA. The second highest raffle quilt ticket seller will win a $150 gift certificate donated by Creekside Quilting, Clive, IA. The third highest raffle quilt ticket seller will win $65 in cold, hard cash! Check back after that meeting for the names of this year’s winners.

Quilt Show 2005

One guild member donating an item to the Country Store is going to win a really cool prize! As I mentioned before, we had a record amount of items donated this year! Kudos to all of you who donated. Come to our August meeting to see if you are the lucky winner!

One lucky volunteer who worked the 2005 quilt show will win a cutting table donated by Tracey’s Tables of Waubeka, WI.

Five lucky volunteer’s that worked the show or brought food items will win $25 gift certificates donated by Creekside Quilting, Clive, IA.

There are many, many, many other really cool prizes to be won by guild members that worked the show or brought food items. Don’t miss our August meeting!

Quilt Show 2005

Plans for QUILTFEST 2006 are already underway! Contact Kris Brighton or quiltshow@aaqg.net for more information.

Bits and Pieces

This is a new feature we are trying out in our guild. This column will be used like a bulletin board and be a place to list sewing and quilting related items you have for sale.

It is also a place to list things you are looking for - like a book or pattern.

We will run this column as space permits in the newsletter. Maybe it will have a permanent home on our web site. For now, if you have an item you would like listed please email us at newsletter@aaqg.net


  • 2 wooden folding/portable TV-tray type ironing/pressing boards. These are well padded and have a teflon cover. Never used. Perfect for taking to Retreat or classes. $25 each. Contact: Cyndee Davis 289-2868 or cyndeetrek@aol.com.
  • Sewing table, $15 OBO. It is the kind where the left side of table raises up and nestles around the arm of your machine, very handy. However, it is for older machines that have narrow arms. It used to fit my mom's 30 year old Husqvarna. It is too narrow for my new Husqvarna. It is a good little table and I would love to get it to a good home where it could be used. Interested parties can call my cell or home 515-321-6862; 515-986-4172. Laura Parker
  • Nan Herman has a Featherweight Model 221 with extras for sale. You can contact Nan at 221-0786.

Found: This was lost at quiltfest. Please email webmaster@aaqg.net to claim.

Sewing Machine Repair ad

Quilter's Cupboard ad/>

Creative Sewing Center ad

Have you seen the Quilt Blocks on Barns?

As you travel throuh the country side, you will be delighted by the coloful quilt patterns that adorn Grundy County's beautiful barns. Follow the 64-mile Barn Quilt Loop through the town of Wellsburg, Conrad, Beaman, Grundy Center, Morrison, Reinbeck, and Dike and don't forget to stop and visit all the wonderful specilty shops and restaurants along the way!

For more information about the project, please visit www.grundycountyia.com and click on the Barn Quilt logo.

Each month we will be featuring a special quilt store and hope you will visit.

This month's featured shop is Quilter's Cupboard in Ankeny, Iowa.

The owner, Jenny Gruenwald is a member of our guild.

The Gruenwald family

Ankeny's newest quilt shop has a real family feeling! Owned by Jenny and Greg Gruenwald, Greg takes credit for at least the idea of a quilt shop.

Jenny's mom, Dolores Bierbaum-who also works at the store, taught Jenny to quilt the summer after her sophomore year at college. Jenny says she was bored and asked her mom to teach her to quilt. That's when the quilting bug hit her and didn't let go! That first year, she began to do quilts for her college friends and committed to 4 queen-sized quilts!

Later, as a stay-at-home mom, she was toying with the idea of a flexible job. Her husband, Greg, had always wanted to own his own business. They began the process of opening their own quilt shop. They joke about the “preliminary” name for the business “My Wife Is Driving Me Crazy And I Had To Get Her Out Of The House, So We Opened A Quilt Store Store.” I'm glad they shortened the name to “Quilter's Cupboard.” (It's much easier to write on my checks!)

Inside Quilter's Cupboard
Inside Quilter's Cupboard

Jenny and Greg's son, Owen, is a familiar helper in the store along with 6 other terrific employees. All of whom are friendly, knowledgeable and ready with suggestions.

Following an article in the Ankeny Press Citizen, one of the ladies has been inadvertently promoted to “Dr. Cathy!” (There are questions about 'Quiltology'(?) and exactly when and how this doctorate was obtained!) Be sure to ask Dr. Cathy about her degree in “Quiltology” when you stop in!

Baby Evan Gregory Gruenwald joined the Quilter's Cupboard family on July 1st. They had a big sale in his honor!The store has already expanded, adding a larger 13' x 21' classroom. There are always new fabrics and gadgets coming in and they're adding a wool inventory and punch needle patterns and supplies. The First Anniversary Sale will celebrate Jenny coming back to work and the first anniversary of the store with lots of discounts and even a free gift with a $25 purchase (while supplies last). Come in to see the sales, check in with Dr. Cathy, and check out all the clubs that meet at the shop.

Between friendly staff, clubs, classes and Jenny's family helpers, you feel just like a part of the family when you're in the store. Quilter's Cupboard is truly a family affair!

Inside Quilter's Cupboard

Time to renew your guild membership!

The membership form can be found on another page of our website. Please click the link for the form.

Membership Form